Stan Rohl - Author

Stan Rohl

After realizing potentially how much money could be made as well as the priceless qualities of health that one could attain through the propagation and consumption of such a seemingly perfect food, Stan decided to embark upon a personal journey to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate some of his very own.

After earning a College Degree in a Technological field of Engineering he then decided to change the direction of his personal studies to the Scientific realm of the Fungi Kingdom known as Mycology. He quickly became amazed to learn about all the powerful health benefits associated with the consumption of these delicious culinary delights that could be found in nature.

After devouring handfuls of books written by expert scientific authors within the given field, Stan began to apply what he was learning in his own personal laboratory experiments. Which even included working with petri dishes for over a year to perfect the process of a contaminate free spore germination to mycelial cultivation technique. Stan has also designed and built his own cost efficient cultivation devices such as Inoculation, Incubation and Fruiting Chambers as well as perfected procedures to help to ensure a healthy contaminant free operation - all of which, if adhered to, will allow the cultivator to both achieve as well as maintain ultimate Home Grown Success!